Large scale participatory piece involving local communities, ‘experts’,kids and performers.
A mapping of Athens. For more information: <a href=”current2.html”>DayTrip<br/></a></p>

ELEVEN (2011) Athens – Bios
A promenade performance utilising inside and outside spaces of Bios.

CELEBRATIONS (2011) Athens – National Theatre of Greece
Studio piece.

COUNTDOWN (2010) Athens – Bios
Studio piece.

I WAS THERE…(2010) London – ICA
Gallery piece. Part of “Performances Past and Futures Weekend” curated by Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton.

AND COUNTING…(2009) Bluecoat, Liverpool
Gallery piece – Performed by six disabled artists, “And Counting…” creates a parallel reality to the events of the Apollo 11 landing in July 1969.

REHEARSAL SCORE:2004 (2009) OPA Festival, Athens – Bios
Site-specific piece based on the idea of postproduction exploring site, memory and immaterial architecture.

I THOUGHT OF THE SUN AND THE SEA (2009) OPA Festival, Athens – Bios and London – Shunt. <br/> An audio performance reintroducing surface noise into the digital artefact.

A GUIDE TO GETTING LOST (2009) Athens – Bios
Studio piece – attempting to orientate itself in this uncertain space/time the work built large scaffolding structures and shaped provisional futures.

100 SIMPLE SECRETS (2007) Athens -Theatre of Anoiksis.
Studio piece – a cross between a business seminar, a kid’s party and a mass suicide. How do you get through life in a world gone bad?

ONCE SEEN (2007) London – Prince Arthur.
Site-specific piece in a pub, exploring reunions, additions, and unexpected memories. Food, drink and music are shared with the audience. The work investigates intimacy, private and shared memories.

<p><strong>SECRET LOCATION TWO</strong> (2005) Athens – found locations around Gazi Area (keramikos, centre of Athens)
Performance-installation – second in the series of five performances. The city as memory, mapping histories and personal geographies. </p>

<p><strong>30.000 LIES OR MORE</strong> (2005) Commissioned by Teatro Europeo Festival, Turin, Italy <br/>
24h performance-installation – interrogating the nature of deception and construction of social values. </p>

<p><strong>SECRET LOCATION ONE</strong>(2005) Athens – Art Tower Performance-installation – first in sequence of five performances situated in little known locations in Athens, the audience are only informed of the exact place one hour before the performance. The city as architecture/ mapping power and presence.</p>

<p><strong>ON THE EDGE…</strong> (2004) Athens – Bios. <br/>
Durational performance – remixing ‘Restricted Area’ and exploring gender construction.</p>

<p><strong>RESTRICTED AREA</strong> (2004) Athens – Bios. <br/>
Site-specific performance in an apartment block engaging with the construction of identity.</p>

<p><strong>5×5</strong> (2003) London – Arcola Theatre. <br/>
Studio piece – five solo shows made in five weeks, combined to make a group piece in the sixth week. </p>

<p><strong>22 ROOMS</strong> (2003) Athens – Tecchnopolis <br/>
Performance-installation – large-scale performance installation playing with the grammar of air travel & tourism. </p>

<p><strong>DARK ROOM</strong> (2002) Athens – Vafio Theatre. <br/>
Studio piece, photography and sight and the search for the pose that “looks like us.” </p>

<p><strong>ALWAYS</strong> (2002) London – BAC <br/>
Studio piece – colliding the history of the RAF and the true lives of the performers to test the failures of representation and commitment. </p>